Sunday, July 8, 2012

A visit from Rebbie

Rebbie (my mom) came to visit on Monday, July 2. She got here in time for us to go to the grocery store for dinner items and then pick up Joshua from school. On Tuesday, we went to the park and later Rebbie and Joshua did an art project for the 4th of July.  Rebbie left Wednesday mid-morning.

It was a pretty low key visit, but I was glad to have her here because Brian was working 16+ hour days last week.

goop and gak

We recently tried out a couple of messy goos.

The first is goop or oobleck.  It's cornstarch and water in equal parts. It's super messy.

Then we tried gak. It's equal parts glue and starch. It's not quite as messy.

I'm thinking about making a slime for Joshua's birthday party.  I'm kind of leaning toward gak just because of the mess factor. Though, either one will require a drop cloth of some kind, so who knows. Any opinions for a group of 3 and 4 year olds?

6 months

Evan had his half birthday on June 30th. He had his 6-month well-baby check up on July 5th.  he weighed 17 lbs, 9 oz and was 26.5 inches long. (To compare, Joshua was 19 lbs, 6 oz and 27 inches long.)

My Evan, who has a full head of hair but no teeth, who likes to stand but hates tummy time, who is so vocal we have a hard time getting a word in, who stares intently at food but who, so far, has not really taken to any of the foods he's tried (which now include rice cereal, sweet potatoes, green beans, and apples).

It's just amazing how quickly things change.