Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My little black book

The daycare provider at the gym gave me a little black journal awhile back and said it was for me to write down things that Joshua says.  (I thought that was really nice of her.  I guess she liked both Joshua and me enough to go out and spend money on us!) In it so far are lists of words I wrote down as Joshua's vocabulary grew.  There have been a few cute phrases too (things like, "put the jacket on the book; it's cold"), but I haven't been very good at recording stuff. 

Today I'm wearing black pants and Joshua is wearing blue pants.  He told me that "our pants are not the same pants, but our pants are sim-li-la."  I'm definitely adding that to the book. I knew he knew 'same' and 'different,' and that I have used 'similar' in talking to him, but his using it on his own was quite the reminder that he is such a little sponge and absorbs things we say and do without us having to actually "teach" him.

It's also a reminder that I really should write this stuff down since every day he grows up and understands more and changes so much.

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  1. That's super sweet! You'd better record those things! I want to read them! :P