Saturday, August 24, 2013

At the circus

Today the four of us went to the circus. I don't think I had ever been before or if I had, it was before I can remember. Anyway, I was super excited about going.

The show started at 11 but at 9:30 we could meet the animals. And then at 10, there was an "all-access pre-show." We went to all of it.

Evan was enthralled by the elephants. Joshua liked the tigers.



At the pre-show, we saw some gymnast type girls, some dancers, and some clowns. We also all got clown noses.

Blurry clowns in the sky
Blurry family of clowns

The show itself was super fun and exciting. There were definitely parts that were better than others but overall, it lived up to my expectations.

Taba and the lions

Hand-balancing and contortion artists

The Danguir high-wire troupe

Human cannonball

The ever-controversial Asian elephants

More of the elephants

The Steel Vortex (one of Joshua's favorites)
 I didn't get pictures of some of our other favorites, including the Trampoline Tower Tumblers and the Kiev Aerial Enchantresses. The only thing missing from this show was a trapeze act - they had skywalkers instead.

Both boys had a super fun time. Evan passed out halfway through the second act. Joshua says it was the best circus ever. And that he wants to go again. Next year, kid, you bet!

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  1. The circus sounds super impressive, way better than the one I went to in Russia (and Russia is famous for its circuses!). But, I have to tell you, the most impressive thing about this post is that you remember all the acts and their names. Damn, woman! How do you do these things?!