Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Out

Sunday was a busy day. We started out early, heading up to Felton and Roaring Camp Railroad for a 9:30 am train ride on Thomas the Train. Every year Roaring Camp hosts "Day Out With Thomas" and, while we don't watch Thomas and know nothing of Sir Topham Hat, Joshua does like trains and there are a bunch of activities for the kids.

So, it was a crazy morning, trying to get out the door by 8:45, but we made the train ride with a few minutes to spare. I had only bought two tickets because I wasn't sure if Brian would be able to go, but since he didn't have to be at work until noon, he was able to join us. I gave him and Joshua the tickets and planned on just waiting for them to return from the station. One of the staff saw me standing by the train taking pictures and asked if I wanted to ride. Of course I said "Yes!"

My picture of Brian, a barely visible Joshua, and our friends Erin, James, and Ava. This is what made the staff woman feel bad for me!

Here are Joshua and Brian on the train ride (sorry for the poor quality of photos - I left our good camera at home so these are taken with my phone):

We tried to get a photo of the three of us but Joshua got angry and refused. Here's the best we got:

After the train ride Joshua jumped in the bounce house for a bit.

After Brian left, we wandered around a bit, Joshua started to get cranky and spent about half an hour going in and out of a little barn, reading the new Thomas book he got at the gift shop.

We had lunch and split a snow cone and called it good.

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