Tuesday, November 15, 2011

32 week questionnaire

Thought you might like to know how things have changed (or not changed) in the past month.  Here are my newest responses to this questionnaire:
How far along: 32 weeks 3 days
How big is baby:  Should be about 4.5 lbs and 19 inches long
Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs (uterus is measuring just right at 32 1/2 weeks)
Stretchmarks: A few on the bottom of my bump
Sleep: Joshua has been up two or three times a night. Additionally, I get up to pee and I jump out of bed when I feel a charlie horse coming on in my calf (that's happened 4 or 5 times).
Maternity clothes:  Mostly, but today I'm wearing regular pants and regular shirt. (funny that this is the same answer as last time.  this time it's because I need to do laundry, not because these clothes actually fit!)
Best Moment This Week: Joshua and I went to a birthday party at an indoor gym and he had the best time and kept saying how it was "really fun"
Movement: A lot of pressure on the right side - i think that's his bottom. And I often feel like I'm being punched in the bladder
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None really. A couple Braxton Hicks contractions but those aren't really labor signs.
Belly Button: Out.
Food cravings:  had some delicious sri lankan food a couple weeks ago that sounds good right now
Food aversions: nothing really. still don't feel like eating much.
Symptoms:  Some heartburn, anemia, general exhaustion
What I Miss: champagne and fruity cocktails
What I am Looking Forward to: Baby shower is in just a few days! What I'm not looking forward to: driving to Bakersfield!
Next appt:  November 29

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  1. Yay baby shower! I hope Mom's fruity carbonated punch will assuage a little of that champagne and fruity cocktails deprivation! ;)