Monday, November 7, 2011

More gratitude

Saturday we went to the Seymour Discovery Center at Long Marine Lab.  It was kind of cold out so it was nice to do something inside.  They have a small touch center where we touched some sea stars but Joshua didn't like the hermit crab at all. And they have some sharks one can pet.  I did. Joshua did not. Saturday I was grateful to live somewhere that has a discovery center where 3 year olds can be entertained without too much chasing.

Sunday was a lazy day. Joshua didn't want to get out of his jammies, so we didn't. We played a lot of Memory, and then we played some games on the computer, and we did about 50 thousand puzzles.  Joshua also found that he is good at jumping from the coffee table to the couch.  I had to watch him do it about 100 times. Yesterday, it was just nice to not have anything to do. Yes, I was grateful for the chance to be lazy.

Today is day number 7. Tonight we're going to a friend's house for dinner.  Yay for days when I don't have to cook.  Today I am grateful for whatever food Melissa puts in front of us because I did not have to prepare it. :)

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  1. It's amazing how nice a lazy day feels. Adults definitely don't know "bored" like kids do because, when we finally have nothing to do (which is never, really, because there's always SOMETHING that can be done), it feels amazing rather than annoying. I'm glad you got to just play for a day! And hurray for not cooking!