Saturday, February 18, 2012

halves/lack of photos

On February 13, Joshua turned three and a half. And then on the 15th, Evan turned one and a half months. I am not really sure why I always note half birthdays, but I do. Mine is in September. Growing up, I could never remember if St. Patrick's day was in September or in March. I knew it was in the same month as my birthday. Or was it my half birthday? Maybe half birthdays were important because my younger sister's birthday is in the summer so instead of celebrating her birthday at school, she brought treats to her class on her half birthday. Which is a day that does not actually exist since her birthday is August 30th and even in leap years, February doesn't have thirty days.

We did not really do anything special for Joshua for his half birthday, but sang to him and he got to have a sugar cookie for dessert (we had made them for Valentine's day).

The reason there aren't photos on this blog is because I type posts on my laptop or my phone and I save photos from my camera to external hard drive that is hooked up to my desktop. I rarely find the time to sit down in front of the desktop. I use the laptop while nursing Evan or while he's sleeping on my lap. Maybe once he is sleeping a longer chunk at night and I can stand to stay up for a few minutes after he falls asleep, I can make this blog look the way I would like it to. Till then, sorry. And see my photos on facebook.

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