Wednesday, May 2, 2012

pity party - part 2

It should be noted that I know I'm not the only one suffering with Brian's schedule. Brian certainly is too.

Two weeks ago Brian's grandma died and he got three days off to go to her funeral. We all drove down to Bakersfield and had some time together. It was a crappy reason to get time together, but we all enjoyed it.

Joshua tends to act out more when Brian is around. I'm not sure if he's testing Brian, testing us as a unit, or just goes a little crazy because Daddy's home. When we get more than a day together, Joshua relaxes and goes back to his charming self. Joshua also tends to be mean to Brian when he hasn't seen him in awhile and when Brian goes to work. It's a rare occassion that Brian gets a goodbye hug or kiss. I think that might be a defense mechanism on Joshua's part.

When Brian is off work, we try to do something fun. Last week we went bowling. Yesterday, we went to the Winchester Mystery House (pics to come). We try to make it special that Daddy is home. But it's also the day that the lawn has to get mowed and things have to get pulled down from the garage rafters and all those other chores that I leave for Brian need to get done. It's also the only day that I can do anything on my own. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the optometrist. Yeah, Tuesdays are jam packed!

I think about the future and about when Joshua and Evan are playing little league or have piano recitals or school assemblies. I think about all the things Brian will probably have to miss and it makes me sad.

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  1. This is NOT OK. Something's got to give. Americans have created a culture around work that truly is a race to the bottom. We're killing ourselves to make a "living" while we miss out on the actual living. This whole situation makes me angry.