Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday party

Joshua had a spooktacular birthday! He was so excited for his Halloween party, it was unbelievable. When I picked him up from school the week before the party, the teachers all told me that he was talking about it. I ran into one of his schoolmate's mom at the grocery store and she told me that Amelia woke up in the morning saying she had dreamed about the party.

The week before the party, we went to the dollar store to look for decorations and to our great surprise, they had a bunch of Halloween stuff out already. So I bought about $40 worth! We put cobwebs all over our bushes and fences, strung ghosts across the patio and taped up Halloween cut outs. We got some awesome table centerpieces and strung some coordinating crepe paper. We supplemented with some homemade egg carton spiders and glued our coffee filter pumpkins and ghosts to our sliding glass door. The place looked festive.

The morning of the party, the jump house was delivered, we set up the tables, put out the food, set up the two different art tables, and sent Brian to pick up the cake and pizzas. And then we waited for the guests to arrive.

We ended up with about a dozen kids and 25 adults.
The food, besides pizza, were fruit skewers in Halloween colors; snack mix consisting of homemade caramel corn, mini oreos, candy corn, and goldfish; homemade marshmallow pumpkins; veggie stick chips; and jello worms.


I think everyone had a good time. When picking up Joshua from school the following week, several parents said that their children were still talking about it.

Having gone overboard this year, I think next year we'll do a small, simple family party. There's no way to live up to this party every year!

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  1. I am still so sad I missed it. It looks like it was tons of fun! I wonder what theme next year's "small, simple family party" will be. ;)