Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Exceedingly Difficult Week

Hello readers. Inspired by my sister, who is blogging at, I will try to post here more often. Because the task of blogging about the past few months seems daunting, I'm just going to start here (again) and see what happens. Besides, if you know me or we're friends on facebook, you're pretty much up to date anyway.

 So this week has been really difficult. I am normally extremely patient with my kids. (I'm not bragging but even strangers have commented to me how patient I am when dealing with my children. ) This week I have had no patience; I have found myself yelling at my kids and I hate yelling. I have known too much yelling in my life - as a child and young adult I was both a yeller and a yellee (is that a word?)- and I have strived to not be that as a parent. I don't know what it is about this week that has caused me to lose my cool. Maybe it's Evan's incessant crying as he cuts three teeth at the same time; maybe it's the four-year-old whininess; maybe it's that Brian has been working 12-14 hour days. It's probably a combination of all those aforementioned things.

 I hosted a baby shower for my sister last Sunday and my advice to her as a mother is to breathe. And really, when patience is worn thin, that's all that one can do in order to make it through. I know that a few days of me yelling at my kids is not going to change the security they have in my love. So, I forgive myself for being human and continue to take it one breath at a time.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Shell. :)

    I am sorry this week has been so rough (and doesn't look to be getting better soon). I hope something lets up to give you a real break, not just the little ones you allow yourself. That was a pretty brilliant tip you gave me, and it just goes to show how amazing you are that you remember to follow your own advice!