Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dropping on the Charts

The boys went to the doctor today. I overlooked the 15 month appointment Evan was supposed to have. And Joshua had to have an MMR shot and a TB test for public school. Plus I wanted to talk to the doctor about Joshua's eating habits.

So, Evan weighed in at 22 lbs, or the 9th percentile. He is 30.5 inches tall, or the 12th percentile. His head is still big, in the 70th percentile. At  his year appointment he was in the 36th percentile for length and the 25th for weight. Other than needing to bulk him up, he's doing well.

Joshua weighed in at 39 lbs. Again. He has weighed 39 lbs for a year. Which is better than I thought since I thought he had actually lost weight.

We have to do an overhaul of the way we eat. No more catering to Joshua's pickiness. I know it's my job to provide healthy food and his job to eat it, but sticking with that is difficult when he has refused to eat all day and giving him a hot dog would at least mean there was something in his stomach.

This plan will cause some initial difficulties. Hopefully though, it'll get us out of the trap we're in; hopefully it'll pay off in the long term benefits.

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  1. Good luck! Some new strategy has GOT to work! I hope it's not as painful a transition as you expect. I hope Joshua takes right to it!