Sunday, March 18, 2012

breastfeeding is hard - part 3

Perhaps it's payback for not having any problems after the initial six weeks of torture with Joshua, but nursing Evan is hard. I'm finally over my second clogged duct but I'm still in pain. This pain is different though. Instead of the pain coming from deep within, it is on the surface and feels like my nipple is being ripped off every time I feed Evan. Upon close examination, I seem to have two gashes/tears/cuts. I put neosporin on to help aid in healing, but that has to be cleaned off before feeding the baby. I've also been slathering on the lanolin. It seems to be two steps forwad and one step back since every time i feed Evan, the gashes re-open.

I keep reminding myself that this really is best for baby and that I've made a comittment to breastfeed exclusively for six months. We're over one third of the way there. We're actually nearing the halfway point. And we're over one sixth of the way to my total breastfeeding goal of one year.

I can stick it out. No, I must stick it out. For Evan's future health.

I'm hoping that this is one of those things that comes in threes and that, this being the third thing, once I recover, it'll be smooth sailing.


  1. Hang in there Shelley! I had so many clogged ducts with Nolan. They are no fun at all. Have you tried adding lecithin to your diet? That helped me towards the end.

  2. That sounds awful! I hope with all the extra effort, your body figures out how to heal up faster!