Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the trouble with caffeine

I get up in the morning and make coffee. When it's ready, I pour my creamer in the bottom of my cup and then fill with coffee, making a spoon and stirring unnecessary. I guess I don't drink it fast enough or maybe it's that I add too much cream, but I always have to microwave it at about the halfway point. I then refill to the top.

I think I probably average about two and a half cups of coffee. Real cups, not side of the pot cups. It takes me from 7:30 am to about 10 am to drink those cups.  If it's a good day and Evan naps shortly after noon, I nap too. But too often recently, Evan hasn't been wanting to nap. And so, I drink a soda. I chose soda only because coffee doesn't really go with the grilled cheese I've been opting to eat at lunch time. And then, inevitably, Evan crashes out for more than twenty minutes. I try to sleep also, but find my mind racing. I lay there for half an hour before deciding that I could get things done instead of wasting my time trying for the elusive nap.

The lack of nap then brings on the need for an evening cup of coffee or soda. I just have to hope that the morning caffeine isn't the reason Evan isn't napping. It's a cycle I don't know how to stop. There's no functioning in the morning without that coffee.

So, I drink a half glass of wine before bed to try to counteract any remaining effects of the caffeine. Forgive me, Evan!

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  1. What a cycle! I get headaches without my morning coffee. Stupid evil wonderful caffeine.