Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last year we rented a motorhome and spent two days at Yosemite Lakes joined by Brian's family and then two days at Bass Lake on our own. It was fun so we decided to do it again. Only this year was different. The biggest difference being that this year we had a five month old with us.

Monday, the 4th of June, was a hectic day. I had to meet a bunch of inspectors and contractors for work that morning. When I was finished, I took Brian and Joshua to pick up the RV. Brian hadn't been feeling well the past few days and when he couldn't reach our doctor, went to urgent care, leaving me with the two boys to pack up the motorhome.

Joshua was super excited and started grabbing stuff from the house. Instead of filling up the motorhome with random items, I had him unpack the bags that I had prepared. So, Joshua was in charge of packing the motorhome. And I couldn't find my tank tops all week.

We didn't end up leaving Santa Cruz until nearly 7 pm. Fortunately, we had had the foresight to make a reservation at San Luis Reservoir for that first night and therefore only had about two hours to drive. When we arrived at San Luis, both Brian and Joshua were amped, but Evan needed to go to bed so the two big boys watched a movie in the cabover while i got Evan to sleep in the bed.

The next morning, we headed to Camp Wishon. The drive there took nearly 6 hours due to some unforseen stops. When we finally arrived, Brian's mom and stepdad (henceforth referred to as Nana and Papa) were already there. My parents (Rebbie and Grandaddy) drove up to have dinner with us.

The next day we went on a walk up the river with our fishing poles. No one caught anything, but we had a good time. Brian's sister and brother-in-law (Lisa and Mike) arrived that afternoon and we all had dinner together before Lisa and Mike left.

That night, Evan was awake virtually every hour.

The next morning, Nana and Papa left and we were planning on staying one more day and leaving the next morning.  With no help, and me on little sleep, we decided instead to make the trek home that day.

It was fun but so much work trying to camp with a little baby. Next year will be easier, hopefully!

Also, I didn't get many pictures. Hopefully Nana will email some of the ones that were taken with her camera.

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