Tuesday, June 19, 2012

snail house

We have countless snails at our house. Joshua hasn't ever really ever taken notice of them.  Then today we were at a friend's house and Joshua and Grace found a snail that Joshua decided he wanted to keep as a pet. We put it in a bucket and went on with our play. When we went back for it, it, of course, had slithered away(do snails slither? they don't really crawl, do they?).

No worries! We have a plethora of snails to choose from at home.

As soon as we got home, we went to work making our snail house. I found an old applesauce container, peeled off the label and washed it up. We collected some leaves and sticks and even an unripe walnut.  Then we looked behind a bush and found seven snails, four of which have become our pets. 

Right now the lid is some saran wrap with some holes poked in it.  When Brian gets home, I'm going to have him punch some holes in the actual lid so we can seal it off but hopefully keep the snails breathing.


nearly finished product


  1. I love this project. So fun! What do snails eat, anyway? And is that enough space for four of them?

    Also, your child is way nicer than mine. Rebecca salts snails. She calls it "science." She's evil.

    1. I'm assuming that, since these were found in my garden, these are normal garden snails which are herbivores. That's why we put leaves in there. And I don't know about space, but they were all stuck on the wall in one little pile.