Wednesday, June 20, 2012

how is it possible?

Before Evan, everyone said that if I were to have another, they'd be different, the next one will sleep.

Well, they are different. And the next one sleeps WORSE!

To be fair to Joshua, once he figured out how to go longer than 2 hours, he was going 10-12 hours at night. That started at about 3.5 months and lasted about 2 months. Then he got sick and we had to do breathing treatments all day and all night. And that lasted, like, 9 months. We had to "ferberize" him on multiple occasions (the revised waiting approach, not just cry-it-out). We've had good and bad patches. Right now (like, for the past month or so) he has regularly been sleeping from bedtime until morning with no calls for me. Most nights. Not all.

And then there's Evan. He was so quick to go from nursing every 2 hours to 3-4 hours at night, I was sure people were right and I had a sleeper. But then, he reverted back to waking every couple hours. He's nearing 6 months and last night was up 4 times.

I've read a lot of books on sleep. A LOT. Ferber, Sears, Brazelton, Babywise, No-Cry Sleep Solution, and on and on. There is no real answer. Ferberizing isn't really an option since Evan doesn't have his own room, and so I "parent" back to sleep (nurse, rock, bounce, sssshhh). And I'm wearing thin.

Sorry to post about sleep again, but I'm the kind of person whose outlook on life is quite dependent on sleep. So, it's constantly on my mind.

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