Saturday, June 23, 2012

party time

Joshua's birthday party is scheduled for August 12th and he has decided upon, surprise, surprise, a Halloween theme.

I think we'll have it at our house.

Ideas for the spooktacular party:
1. Rent a bounce house.  The castle one. Because castles are spooky, you know.
2. Blow up the "family fun" swimming pool I bought a couple weeks ago. Maybe get some dry ice for it. (is it safe for dry ice to be in contact with skin?)

The combination of these two ideas may not be the best.  I can just see slippery bodies running into each other and getting hurt in the bounce house.

3. Water balloons in black, orange, green, purple.
4. Spin art in black, orange, green, purple. The results kind of resemble spider webs.
5. Halloween printables to color with crayon and then watercolor. (Joshua liked the resist artwork we did.)
6. Bubbles.
7. Ghost pinata.
8. Plant your own pumpkin.

Thoughts on food:
1. Pizza (easier than bbq'ing)
2. breadsticks formed in the shape of bones with marinara blood dipping sauce
3. green jello with worms (gummy) and eyeballs (also gummy) in it.
4. cake

Things about Halloween that Joshua likes:
1. witches
2. ghosts
3. zombies
4. mummies
5. pumpkins
6. bats
7. spiders
8. frankenstein
9. werewolves
10. vampires

If anyone reading this has any ideas, post a comment! If you've been to a Halloween party that had something cute, let me know! I am especially lacking in the food area.


  1. You could serve black, orange, green, and purple foods, too. Like, oranges and grapes.

    The breadsticks is a super cute idea. I'll keep my eye out on pinterest for anything appropriate.

    1. I'm gonna have Melissa make some Halloween themed fruit kabobs.

    2. Good idea! I saw her rainbow fruit kabobs. Those looked awesome!

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