Thursday, June 21, 2012

my new plan

Since I know that letting Evan cry is really not an option, neither in my room nor Joshua's, and nursing him every time he wakes is just plain exhausting, I have a new plan. 

I don't know how well it will work, but I think it's worth a try.

The plan:
Any wakings prior to midnight will not be met by the boob*.
Any wakings less than 3 hours from the last feed will not be met by the boob*.

*If attempts to calm crying baby are unsuccessful in the first five minutes (which are like a lifetime in the middle of the night), it is okay to offer the boob.

If baby is calm but awake and falls into these categories, only rocking/bouncing and other non-boob techniques shall be used.

(Last night he woke at 1:30=nurse, 2:30=rock/sway, 4:40=nurse and it worked well. And I feel less tired.)

While both nursing and rocking require me to be awake (I can't nurse while laying down), rocking generally only takes a maximum of 10 minutes while nursing is closer to 20 minutes. Why don't I alway rock him, you ask. Well, because it's harder to calm him down that way. Popping the boob in the mouth is like a miracle cure for crying baby.

But's it's a miracle cure that isn't helping us to get sleep around here.

I'm hoping that as we move away from nursing during the night, he'll have less reason to need me when he wakes.  I'm hoping.

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